3/4"/19mm x 250' | MBS 40.2 Tons | Comp35 | RLL | 2160 | Germany

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  • Python Compac 35 Non-Rotating Wire Rope
  • Western Sling Cmpany Graphic - Python High Performance Wire Rope
  • Python Compac 35 Non-Rotating Wire Rope Working Load Limits
  • Python Compac 35 Non-Rotating Wire Rope End View
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Python Compac 35 Non-Rotating Wire Rope


  • Main and auxiliary hoist line for mobile and for all types of construction tower cranes which require a high strength rotation resistant rope construction.
  • Excellent rotation resistant properties make this rope the preferred choice for all single and multiple line reeving applications.
  • This rope is constructed from 16 outer HiPacTM strands over 12 inner HiPacTM strands.
  • The Lang Lay configured strands reduce interlocking while spooling onto multiple layer drums as well as inter strand and inter layer nicking.
  • Improved abrasion resistance because of increased wire surface contacting the sheave.
  • This rope is suited to be used on tower cranes as well as mobile cranes.
  • The large number of outer strands distribute the pressures introduced by sheaves and drum more evenly onto the core minimizing the danger of unexpected rope failures because of undetected core deterioration.
  • Aside from this safety issue PYTHON® COMPAC 35 satisfies the high-strength requirements of late model tower and mobile cranes which can NOT be met with neither 19 x 7 nor 19 x 19 style ropes.
  • Recommended to be used on grooved drums.
  • Some sizes of Python® Compac 35 are available in right AND left hand lay to comply with OEM specifications (LinkBelt, Grove, Favelle Favco, Terex, Krupp, Demag, Liebherr, etc.).
  • Python Compac 35 ropes are classified as NON-ROTATING Class I.
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Python Compac 35
35 x 7 Compacted Non-Rotating Wire Rope
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