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ALUNC Green Pin UNC Lifting Eye | Grade 8 | The Netherlands

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  • ALUNC UNC Lifting Eye
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 10 Sizes
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in the Netherlands
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  • The Green Pin® Lifting Eye UNC is a grade 8 lifting eye with UNC thread.
  • Our extensive range of alloy steel lifting eyes, incorporates 13 different UNC threads.
  • The WLL for lifting points are valid within 45° to the vertical only, but can be even side loaded with reduction of the WLL.
  • The longer thread length of the ALUNC makes a through-hole mounting with a nut and washer on the other side possible.
  • The nut on the bolt should at least be class 8, but class 10 or 12 is recommended. WLL and CE marking are stamped on the body.
  • Safety factor is 5:1.
  • The thread length of the lifting eye should be adapted to the material of the load.
  • The Green Pin® Lifting Eye UNC is available in a range with a working load limit from 0.2t up to 25t.

Product Details

  • Product Code: ALUNC
  • Material: alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
  • Safety factor: MBL equals 5 x WLL
  • Finish: painted white
  • Temp. range: -40°C up to +200°C
  • Certification:
    • 2.1
    • 2.2
    • 3.1
    • MTCa
    • MPIb
    • CE
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Van Beest BV
Green Pin
UNC Lifting Eye
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