Ultra-Aqua Bags

Ultra-Aqua Bags

Is your business prepared for hurricane season?

Get ready with Ultra-Aqua Bags

With hurricane season upon us, it’s essential to make sure that your business is prepared. If your business or home is prone to flooding as a result of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms or other extreme weather, it’s important to have a solution at hand that is easy to deploy in the event of a flooding emergency.

Traditionally sandbags have been used to prevent flooding by diverting water flow to prevent or reduce flood water damage. But sandbags are a notoriously fickle option as they have to be properly filled and placed in order to be effective, and storage is always a problem as they are heavy and awkward to move.

So, what is the best solution?

Introducing the Revolutionary Alternative: Ultra-Aqua Bags

Ultra Aqua bags are essentially sandless sandbags that work to protect property in the event of a flood or leak. Unlike sandbags that are difficult to store, labour-intensive to set up and heavy to move around; Ultra-Aqua bags bags can be deployed quickly and can be set up by almost anyone.

What Makes Ultra-Aqua Bags So Effective

Ultra-Aqua bags outperform sandbags at every turn. They are a more effective, efficient solution because they offer:

  • Robust Construction – Ultra-Aqua bags are constructed from four layers of patented super-absorbent polymer, covered in non-woven fabric.
  • Superior Performance – once the bags are a 100% capacity they create an effective water barrier able to offer over 30 pounds of flood-stopping weight.
  • Consistent Engineering Design – Ultra-Aqua bags have a unique design ensuring that as they fill, the liquid distributes evenly throughout the bag, so that the bag maintains a consistent shape. This means the bags can be moved easily, seal off water effectively and stack well.
  • Quick Response – It takes only a few minutes for Ultra-Aqua bags to absorb water to the point that they reach 90% capacity at which stage they will be effective in rerouting water or other liquids to prevent flood damage.
  • Small Storage Space – Ultra-Aqua bags are the ideal preventative solution as they can be stored in their pre-activated state taking up very little room. If they are stored in the bags that they come in, Ultra-Aqua bags have a 10-year shelf life.
  • Easy to Use – once filled with fresh water, the bags simply need to be laid down in the correct place and will immediately begin diverting water and other liquids, no complicated instructions, no human intervention needed.
  • Transportable – the bags are lightweight, weighing less than a pound each before they are activated, and they’re a manageable size, measuring just 17”x 22” per bag. This means that anyone can move them around, and they can be transported easily between sites if needed.
  • Long-Lasting – Ultra-Aqua bags will continue to block water for as long as they remain filled. Depending on the conditions, they can remain in full working order for between 1 and 3 months in warm climates, and upward of 3 months in cooler conditions.

If your company is based in an area that is affected by hurricanes or prone to flooding, taking pro-active steps to ensure that you will not be impacted in the event of flooding makes good business sense.

Do you need Ultra-Aqua bags for your business? Give us a call on 800.748.2651.

Jun 29th 2020 Kath Read

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