2789000 COLT5T Bluetooth Clamp on line Tensiometer | Max Load 11,000 lbs | Made in the United Kingdom

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  • COLT5T Clamp On Line Tensiometer by Crosby StraightPoint
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      This product has been designed specifically for measuring tension on static lines and includes a state-of-the-art Bluetooth load monitoring app among a myriad of standout features. The COLT measures tension on wire rope up to 11,000 lbf (lb. force) / 5,000 kgf (kg force) and up to 1 in. / 25mm diameter. It clamps onto pre-tensioned wire ropes, eliminating the need for additional sheaves or tooling, as is the case with alternative solutions. An integral Bluetooth module, meanwhile, transmits tension data wirelessly to any smart device running the Android or iOS app that also contains an infinite wire rope library. Tension in wire ropes can be measured and logged within a few seconds. Measuring tension of differing wire rope diameters often requires different sheaves to be exchanged, requiring tools and other ancillary equipment. The COLT boasts an integral quick adjustment mechanism, meaning it can be used to measure wire rope diameters from 3/16 in. to 1 in. or 5mm to 25mm. The app wire rope library was launched with around 20 differing rope types but this is continually increasing and the app updated to  meet demand. Wire ropes are complex; composition, size, construction, type of core and lay all need to be considered. A 1 x 7 rope behaves differently to a 7 x 19 or 6 x 36 rope; even wire ropes of the same diameter will calibrate differently because of varying rigidity. End users will leverage the hardware and software benefits of the COLT to simplify tension measuring applications beyond what was previously thought possible. Additionally, the COLT carries many hallmarks of SP’s extensive range of equipment, including its construction from aerospace grade aluminum; exceptional battery life (up to 1,000 hours operational time); use of standard alkaline batteries; and its supply in a purpose-made carry case, suiting it to on-site cable tension measurement applications across the world. The COLT was based on feedback from the end user marketplaces that apply SP technologies. Combining industry intelligence with our own research and engineering expertise, SP devised a simple and easy to use wire or rope tension meter that fills a gap in the market and supersedes alternative solutions. The COLT features a computer numerical control (CNC) machined aluminum construction with high precision roller bearing pivot; high leverage tensioning arm; auto-locking magnetic handle mechanism for security when installed; and IP67 / NEMA6 waterproofing rating. Typical applications will include tower and stack guy wires; pre-tensioned cable barriers; bridges; elevators; winch rope; overhead electric transit wires; fall arrest systems; aircraft cables; and utilities. Key benefits: Unlimited wire rope calibration database via Android or iOS app Main swivel joints fitted with high quality bearings Lever ratio of 5.3:1 allows effortless, safe, clamping onto pre-tensioned wire ropes Wireless Bluetooth  enabling operator to stand at safe distance if needed Quick intuitive adjustable center sheave makes changing wire rope sizes fast and easy No easily broken external antennae High waterproof resistant design for all weather use Massive battery life of 1000 hours operational time As the library of wire rope diameters and constructions is increased each app user will benefit when they update and receive any new data.  Bluetooth Clamp on line tensiometer. Supplied with iOS/Android app with cable database.  
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Clamp On Line Tensiometer
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