EDOSL Grade 100 Adjustable High Visibility all-Aloy Eliminator Chain Sling With Positive Locking Clevis Hooks

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  • EDOSL High Visibility Alloy Chain Sling by all-Aloy a Western Sling Company Brand
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 45 Sizes
$415.90 - $1,806.98


Our Traditional Double Chain Slings are known in multiple industries for their reliability and strength. Order today and enjoy enhanced safety and precise lashing in your chain work.

  • Exceeds industry performance standards for Grade 100 chain slings
  • SHUR-LOC hooks ensure your loads never slip
  • Double chain slings give you greater flexibility in lifts and lashes
  • Chain visibility enhanced by sling’s bright green finish

Our Grade 100 Traditional Double Chain Sling With Clevis SHUR-LOC Hooks brings durability and dependability to your lashing and lift work. The Grade 100 Traditional Double Chain Sling’s Clevis SHUR-LOC Hooks provide extra security for your lashing and ensure your load never falters or slips out, and the sling’s bright green finish makes your chains highly visible on the work floor. Western Sling Company’s chain slings are used in all sorts of chain work in industrial settings all over the world, because our slings are known as the most reliable in the business. Grab this chain sling today and make your lifting and lashing operation more efficient and secure. Order your Grade 100 Traditional Double Chain Sling With Clevis SHUR-LOC Hooks today!

  • Standard lengths available from 5’ - 20’, custom lengths available upon request
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ships in 4-7 business days
  • Covered by standard warranty
  • SKU: DOSL0405, DOSL0406, DOSL0408, DOSL0410, DOSL0412, DOSL0414, DOSL0416, DOSL0418, DOSL0420, DOSL0505, DOSL0506, DOSL0508, DOSL0510, DOSL0512, DOSL0514, DOSL0516, DOSL0518, DOSL0520, DOSL0605, DOSL0606, DOSL0608, DOSL0610, DOSL0612, DOSL0614, DOSL0616, DOSL0618, DOSL0620, DOSL0805, DOSL0806, DOSL0808, DOSL0810, DOSL0812, DOSL0814, DOSL0816, DOSL0818, DOSL0820, DOSL1005, DOSL1006, DOSL1008, DOSL1010, DOSL1012, DOSL1014, DOSL1016, DOSL1018, DOSL1020
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Western Sling Company
EDOSL Grade 100 Eliminator Chain Sling Adjustable - Grade 100 Clevis Hook with Positive Locking Latch - Hi-Vis
Alloy Steel
Federal Specification:
ASME B30.9
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