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Super 100 Elephant Lifting Manual Chain Hoist

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  • Super 100 Manual Chain Hoist with Overload Protection by Elephant Lifting
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 24 Sizes
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Meet the ultimate in safe, efficient manual hoists.

  • Equipped with overload protection device
  • Features load sheaves with roller bearings
  • Equipped for accurate gear centering
  • Long-lasting friction discs included

Elephant Lifting’s Super 100 Manual Chain Hoist will equip your shop with reliable heavy-duty lifting capabilities. The Super 100 earns its super name through its extremely efficient and safe design. This hoist features a galvanized hand chain and a Grade 105 galvanized load chain that adheres to the strict German DIN 5684 standard. Double pawls support the hoist’s fail-safe braking mechanism, and the overload protection safety device helps end users avoid accidentally wearing out the hoist. The hoist’s tough reinforced gear case has four ribs and four knock pins, providing accurate gear centering and high mechanical efficiency. Order the Super 100 Manual Chain Hoist today and enhance the safety of your hoist work.


  • Heavy-duty electrostatic powder coating
  • Long-life friction discs
  • Suitable for operation within a -4° F to 140° F temperature range


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Super 100 Manual Chain Hoist with Overload Protection
Country of Origin:
Load Chain:
Grade 105 Galvanized
Hoist Body Finish:
Heavy Duty Electrostatic Powder Coating
Corrosion Resistant:
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