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YA-50 Elephant Lifting Mini Lever Hoist

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  • YA-50 Lever Hoist by Elephant Lifting
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 4 Sizes
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Tough loads and tight spaces are no problem for the YA-50 Mini Lever Hoist!

  • Features Grade 105 galvanized load chain
  • Easily stored and portable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Unique hook design with tip-supporting safety latches

If your workspace needs a sturdy lever hoist that can fit into the smallest, most cramped spaces, check out the YA-50 Mini Lever Hoist from Elephant Lifting! This mini hoist lives up to even the toughest standards, with an electro-deposited black finish and nickel-coated internal components that make it resistant to corrosion, and a Grade 105 galvanized load chain that meets the strict German DIN 5684 standard. The YA-50 model features its own unique hook with tip-supporting latches that enhance the safety it provides your load hoists. Best yet, the YA-50 Mini Lever Hoist is compact enough to be easily stored in a tool bag or tool chest, in case you need to swap it out for other equipment for heavy loads. The YA-50 Mini Lever Hoist boasts solid strength for its size, able to handle loads up to 0.25 metric tons in weight. Order today to bring this small but mighty hoist to your industrial work!

  • SKU: YA5005, YA5010, YA5015, YA5020

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Elephant Lifting Products
YA-50 Mini Lever Hoist
Country of Origin:
Load Chain:
Grade 105 Galvanized
Hoist Body Finish:
Electro-Deposited Black
Corrosion Resistant:
Proof Testing:
1.5 Times the Rated Capicity
U. S. Standards:
Meets or Exceeds All
International Standards:
Meets or Exceeds All
Federal Specifications:
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