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We’ve named this page the “Information Zone” area that will supply additional information about our company and our capabilities. This area also has additional information about some of our supply partners.

Procedural compliance
Since 1971, Western Sling has served the rigging & industrial needs of the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. Those 47 years have been a continuing learning experience and one thing that has become very that customers are unique and cannot be treated in “cookie cutter” fashion...rather their individual requirements need to be addressed, responded to and complied with. We recognize that many have specific needs for:

  • Load Testing and certificates of test
  • Certificate of conformance
  • Serial number traceability
  • Special tagging requirements
  • Certification of inspection for Suspect/Counterfeit Items (S/C I’s)
  • Country of Origin declarations
  • N.A.F.T.A. as well as other trade agreement documents
  • Packaging requirements to ISPM 15
  • Exporting to all 7 continents

We are uniquely positioned to follow your needs and directives.

All of our load test devices and equipment are calibrated once a year to certify our test facility to ASTM E4-10. The calibration firm that certifies our equipment is ISO 17025 accredited. 

Liability Insurance
We carry liability insurance for completed products from an insurance company accredited by A.M. Best as A- (Excellent)

Quality Assurance Program and Manual
Western Sling and Supply has a comprehensive Quality program documented by a written QA manual. Due to internet theft and plagiarism, we have chosen not to link to this manual. A copy can be issued upon your request. 

H, S & E Policy
Western Sling and Supply has a written Health, Safety and Environmental policy available upon your request.

The Crosby Quality Continuum
Crosby’s defined 6 segment Quality Continuum can be viewed at the web address found below:

The Caldwell Group and Industry standards for below the hook lifters.
This information can be viewed at the web address found below:


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