MC6xxG Industrial/Government-Rated Carbon Anchor Shackles | Screw Pin | Galvanized | American Made

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  • Industrial/Government-Rated Carbon Screw Pin Galvanized Anchor Shackle by CM
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 14 Sizes
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in the USA
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CM Industrial/Government-Rated Carbon Shackles are designed with a 6:1 design factor. Anchor shackles can be side loaded or used for multiple connections. BENEFITS & FEATURES Manufactured from technically advanced domestic (U.S.A.) micro alloy steel with optimal hardness for strength and ductility. All shackles have alloy quenched and tempered pins Working load limit and traceability codes shown as permanent markings on body Available in sizes 3/16" to 3" Available finishes include powder coated, self colored or galvanized per ASTM A153 All bolt, nut & cotter shackles have thread-protected ends Shackles meet dimensional, marking and performance requirements of RR-C-271 Standard industry tolerances apply Design factor 6:1 (2-1/2" and 3" carbon shackles have a 5:1 design factor) DID YOU KNOW? CM INDUSTRIAL/GOVERNMENT VS. CM SUPER STRONG SHACKLES An Industrial/Government shackle is a Super Strong shackle de-rated to meet, not exceed, the Federal Specification RR-C-271. That means it has the same dimensions and performance characteristics as a Super Strong shackle but is marked with specifications to meet government requirements. Example: 1" Super Strong shackle will be marked 10 ton WLL 1" Industrial/Government shackle will be marked 8-1/2 ton WLL        
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CM Columbus McKinnon
CM Columbus McKinnon
Industrial/Government-Rated Screw Pin Anchor Shackle
Country of Origin:
Carbon Steel
Federal Specifications:
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