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  • MWP Miniweigher Plus by Crosby Straightpoint
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 6 Sizes
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in the United Kingdom
  • MWP Miniweigher Plus Specifications
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This small and compact mini crane weigher scale will suit most lifting applications and is available in capacities from 100kg to 5t. Worldwide, it is Straightpoint’s most popular product and has been manufactured since 1987. The Miniweigher plus crane scale offers robust construction, high accuracy, compact size and extreme portability.

Utilized by utility companies on every continent, the Miniweigher plus crane scale is quite often mounted between a winch and a tripod. This mounting point allows for load monitoring to be integrated within the lift, ensuring safety levels during the lowering and raising of equipment and/or personnel are optimised. It has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for underground sewer, water, gas and utility vault access.

The Miniweigher plus features full function push button controls for tare, choice of units (lbs, kg, kN and tonnes), peak hold, preset tare, audible set-point alarm and an overload counter.

Straightpoint’s advanced microprocessor based electronics provide the Miniweigher plus with high speed read rates, extreme resistance to industrial level noise and unprecedented stability. This high stability allows 5,000+ divisions and the highest standard resolution of any compact digital crane scale on the market today. The unit also features a RS-485 serial output providing added functionality and versatility.

In all, the lightweight design, corrosion-resistant finish, advanced electronics and full feature display have made the Miniweigher plus crane scale the only choice when looking for a compact, safe and accurate, crane scale.

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Miniweigher Plus
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