Crosby/Maxtough Shackles 
S-209 G-209 G-209A S-209T G-2160 G-2130 G-2130A  S-253  S-281 
s209-2kx2k-01.jpg g209-2kx2k-01.jpg g209a-2kx2k-01.jpg s209t-2kx2k-01.jpg g2160-2kx2k-01.jpg g2130-2kx2k-01.jpg g2130a-2kx2k-01.jpg s253-2kx2k-02.jpg s281-2kx2k-01.jpg


Van Beest Green Pin Shackles
G-4161 G-4163 G-4143 G-4151 G-4153 G-4133 P-6036
Grade 6g-4161-1kx1k-01.jpg Grade 6g-4163-1kx1k-01.jpg Grade 6g-4143-green-pin-shackle-1kx1k-02.jpg Grade 6g-4151-1kx1k-01.jpg Grade 6g-4153-green-pin-shackle-1kx1k-01.jpg Grade 6g-4133-green-pin-dee-shackle-1kx1k-01.jpg Grade 8p-6036-green-pin-shackle-kx1k-01.jpg
 P-6016 G-6038  G-6018 P-6033  P-6013 P-6043  G-5261
p6016-1kx1k-01.jpg p6016-1kx1k-01.jpg    Grade 8p-6033-2kx2k-01.jpg     Grade 8g-5261-1kx1k-01.jpg
G-5263 G-5243 G-5163 G-5143 P-6031  P-6011  G-4263
Grade 8g-5263-1kx1k-01.jpg            









Crosby Straightpoint Load Shackles 
sp-slb-loadcell-shackle-1kx1k-01.jpg sp-wls-loadshackle-1kx1k-01.jpg sp-wls-ble-loadshackle-1kx1k-01.jpg wls-atex-1kx1k-01.jpg


Crosby SubSea Shackles 
G2100 G2110
g2100-rov-release-retrieve-shackle-quic-threaded-1kx1k-01.jpg g2110-rov-release-retrieve-shackle-non-threaded-1kx1k-01.jpg


Chicago Hardware
Bolt Type Anchor Shackle Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Screw Pin Anchor Shackle,
Black Oxide
c226-bolt-type-anchor-shackle-galvanized-1kx1k-01.jpg c222-screw-pin-anchor-shackle-galvanized-1kx1k-01.jpg c222bo-screw-pin-anchor-shackle-black-oxide-1kx1k-01.jpg


CM Columbus McKinnon Shackles 
M6xxAG M6xxAP M8xxAG M8xxAP M6xxG M6xxP
alloy-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-screw-pin-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-bolt-nut-cotter-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg m653g-super-strong-carbon-type-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg super-strong-carbon-type-screw-pin-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg
M8xxG M8xxP MC6xxG MC8xxG M7xxxP M7xxA
super-strong-carbon-type-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg super-strong-carbon-type-bolt-nut-cotter-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg industrial-government-rated-carbon-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg industrial-government-rated-carbon-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg long-reach-alloy-orange-powder-coated-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg web-sling-alloy-galvanized-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg

Our Shackles


Our CM Columbus McKinnon Web Sling Shackles are perfect for connecting synthetic web and round slings to your eye bolts, hoist rings, pad eyes and other lifting equipment. They’re made with a design factor of 4:1 and can be used with web slings that are 2” to 6” wide. 

Our Crosby Alloy Anchor Shackles are the ultimate in safety. Most models are made with a 5:1 design factor and are about 50% stronger than similarly-sized carbon shackles. Best of all, you’ll know if something’s wrong before an accident can occur during your work, as our Alloy Anchor Shackles are designed to show noticeable signs of major deformation before failing. 

Our Van Beest Green Pin Bow Shackles are made with Grade 8 quenched and tempered steel for maximum durability, with safety and performance standards that meet the requirements of US Fed. Spec. RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 3, Grade B equipment. For no additional charge, we can supply these shackles with works certificates and related certification of quality!

Our Crosby Release & Retrieve Shackles feature design factors of up to 6:1 and can withstand more than one ton of pull-out force, making them ideal for towing and vehicle recovery work. 

Our Crosby Straightpoint Load Shackles are available in a wide variety of weight capacities, up to 1,550 tons. Many models can be used in zone 0,1, and 2 hazardous environments, and some are even Bluetooth-compatible for convenient wireless use!


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