CM Columbus McKinnon Shackles

CM Columbus McKinnon Shackles


CM Columbus McKinnon Shackles 
M6xxAG M6xxAP M8xxAG M8xxAP M6xxG M6xxP
alloy-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-screw-pin-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg alloy-bolt-nut-cotter-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg m653g-super-strong-carbon-type-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg super-strong-carbon-type-screw-pin-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg
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super-strong-carbon-type-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg super-strong-carbon-type-bolt-nut-cotter-orange-powder-coated-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg industrial-government-rated-carbon-screw-pin-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg industrial-government-rated-carbon-bolt-nut-cotter-galvanized-anchor-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg long-reach-alloy-orange-powder-coated-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg web-sling-alloy-galvanized-shackles-1kx1k-01.jpg

When it comes to shackles, Columbus McKinnon prides itself on providing the strongest and most reliable products on the market. We carry a full line of anchor and chain shackles manufactured in the U.S.A. through our state-of-the-art forging process. CM shackles are available in three materials including carbon, super strong, and alloy. Our innovative super strong shackles are unique in the industry, featuring strength ratings up to 50 percent stronger than comparably sized carbon shackles and a 6:1 design factor for ultimate safety. CM shackles are available in a three styles: screw pin, bolt, nut & cotter, and round pin. Learn more about the uses and benefits of each shackle style below.


  • Of all shackle types, bolt, nut and cotter shackles provide the most secure pin arrangement, resisting axial and torsional loading.
  • This type of shackle should be used in semi-permanent applications where the pin is removed infrequently or where cyclical loading occurs.
  • This is the preferred type of shackle in areas that are difficult to reach or inspect.
  • Recommended for overhead lifting, bolt, nut and cotter shackles are available in capacities up to 120 tons.


  • Screw pin shackles allow for quick and easy removal of the screw pin, which makes this style ideal for applications where the shackle is removed frequently.
  • While the threaded pin can resist axial forces, it should not be cyclically loaded and is unreliable and vulnerable to backing out in applications where the pin is subjected to a torque or twisting action.
  • Recommended for overhead lifting, screw pin shackles are available in capacities up to 43 tons.
  • Screw pins should be moused in some applications.


  • Round pin shackles allow for easy removal by simply removing the cotter that holds the pin in place.
  • These shackles perform well where the pin is subjected to a torque or twisting action, but they should not be subjected to an axial load.
  • Round pin shackles are available in capacities up to 43 tons and are not recommended for overhead lifting.
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