Tiger Lifting Adjustable Beam Clamp

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  • BC Adjustable Beam Clamp by Tiger Lifting
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - 5 Sizes
$65.60 - $271.20
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Get a quick, versatile rigging point for your hoisting equipment with the Adjustable Beam Clamp from Tiger Lifting!

  • Wide beam flange adjustment range — 75 to 350mm
  • Comes with optional locking device
  • 5:1 safety factor
  • Load capacity range of one to 10 tons

Tiger Lifting’s Adjustable Beam Clamp will ensure you no longer have to switch between different clamps for beams of different sizes. The Adjustable Beam Clamp has a very wide range for beam flange adjustment, able to handle beams as small as 75 mm in width and as large as 350 mm. The clamp has low headroom because of the built-in anchor point, and its multidirectional adjusting screw spindle ensures you get the tightest possible clamping force on your beam flanges. Order Tiger Lifting’s Adjustable Beam Clamp today to get a reliable, safe clamp on your beam flanges today!


  • Operating temperature range of -50 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • SKU: BC0100, BC0200, BC0300, BC0500, BC1000
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Tiger Lifting
BC Adjustable Beam Clamp
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1.5 Times the Rated Capacity
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Meets or Exceeds All
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