Sea Catch

TR8RL Sea Catch In-Line Release Mechanism, Reverse Lever | 7.68" Length | 3/4" Shackle | WLL 9,574 lbs. | Toggle Release | USA

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  • TR7RL Sea Catch In-Line Release Mechanism, Reverse Lever by SeaCatch
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in the USA


  • The Sea Catch Toggle Release is the simplest and most innovative design in quick release history.
  • It is a device designed exclusively for safe release of a line or object under load.
  • Its multi-purpose design offers a combination of features never seen before in a quick release:
    • Multi-directional releasing capabilities.
    • On-load and off-load releasing.
    • A hitch pin safety lock to prevent inadvertent release.
    • Lanyard-style release for maximum user safety.
    • Parts made from aerospace-grade stainless plate.
    • Easy connection to common shackles.
    • No springs.
    • User-friendly size.
  • The design anticipates reality:
    • Heavy sea conditions.
    • Corrosive marine environment.
    • Quick release kickback.
    • Inadvertent release.
    • Occasional shock and lock-ups of unanticipated overload.
  • The key to its success is the combination of a proven toggle linkage principle, low friction, computer-generated parts, and a lot of thinking about its many uses and applications.
  • Quick releases have to be specific.
  • Movie special effects, tug-tow operations, rescue launch deployment, anchors – each release poses a very different challenge.
  • Sea Catch meets these challenges with models ranging from 1 to 600-ton capacities.
  • Since 1994, Sea Catches have played significant roles in safe releasing operations in 14 major industries around the world.
  • Some units have exceeded 5,000 cycles and are still in service.
  • All feedback has been positive – nothing but praise from engineers and users worldwide.
  • General Sea Catch Features.
    • Perpendicular or parallel release directions.
    • Hitch pin lock for device locking safety.
    • Computer generated parts precision-cut from aerospace grade stainless steel plate.
    • Low friction, low effort lanyard-style release for maximum user safety.
    • On Load / Off Load Releasing All parts 100% stainless steel.
    • No springs.

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Sea Catch
Sea Catch
In-Line Release Mechanism/Toggle Release, Reverse Lever
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United States
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