TU32K Griphoist Rescue Kit

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  • RESCUE TU32K Rescue Kit by Griphoist/Tirfor
  • Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in France
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Handle wrecked cars, debris, and obstructions at an accident with ease!

  • Quick and easy to set up

  • Can hoist lift and hoist loads up to four tons in weight

  • Kit comes equipped with a manual wire rope hoist, slings, and snatch block hoist

  • Horizontal, vertical, and angled hoists possible due to telescoping handle

When you arrive at the scene of an accident, civilians are counting on you to help them and rescue their vehicles as quickly as possible. In order to perform rescue operations as effectively as possible, you need the quick-assembling tools of the TU32K Rescue Kit! This kit provides you with everything you need to handle accident scene issues, from pulling out wrecked vehicles and people to clearing trees and other large obstructions. The 32K kit can hoist loads up to four tons in weight, so you should be able to handle most common vehicles with ease. Order the TU32K Rescue Kit from Western Sling Company today and equip yourself with the tool you need to be the best rescue professional possible!

Each Rescue Kit Includes:

  • Steel box  

  • tirfor®/griphoist® material handling wire rope hoist  

  • 60 ft. (18 m) of galvanized wire rope with safety hook mounted on a carrying reel  

  • Telescoping handle for manual operation of hoist  

  • Appropriate snatch block pulley  

  • Wire rope sling 6 ft. (1.8 m) long with choker hook  

  • Two wire rope slings 6 ft. and 9 ft. (1.8 and 2.7 m) long

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Griphoist / Tirfor
Rescue Kit for TU32K
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